Prester Quest, The

By: Jubber, Nicholas

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Prester Quest, The by Jubber, Nicholas
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Doubleday: Random House UK, 2005. In 1177, Pope Alexander III - eager to secure a Christian ally whose reputed wealth would prove invaluable to the Crusades - wrote a letter to the legendary Priest-King of the Indies, Prester John. As his emissary, he chose his physician, one Master Philip. However, no one knew where the elusive monarchs kingdom lay (or whether he even existed). Undeterred, Master Philip set out from Rome... and was never heard of again. Then in October 2000, Nicholas Jubber discovered a copy of Pope Alexanders original letter and conceived a plan: to complete Master Philips mission, to find Prester John and deliver the letter - albeit eight hundred and twenty-four years late. THE PRESTER QUEST is Nick Jubbers account of the remarkable journey he made - by foot, ferry, bus, tractor, train and horse-drawn cart - from Italy, via Turkey, the Middle East and Sudan, to Ethiopia, and the mysterious subterranean tomb of a medieval king. Crammed full of curious charts, footnotes, arcane history and learned trivia, ancient and modern - from the engineering secrets of Templar castles and the mystic origins of the Whirling Dervish to the various names for the Middle Eastern water pipe and the unusual nature of Ethiopian time-keeping - it is a winning combination of a young mans enthusiasm and sense of adventure with an historians understanding of time and place and a travellers eye for his surroundings and the people he meets on the way.<p>. Hardback. New.

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