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Books ordered may be returned for a full refund if they are not as described. Delivery is guaranteed - or your money back.

AUSTRALIANS : A HISTORICAL LIBRARY. 11 volumes by (Australia):
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(Broadway), Fairfax, Syme & Weldon Associates, (1987). The atlas volume is folio, all other volumes octavo. Boards, spine ends of Atlas volume sl. bumped else all fine. Details of the 11 volumes are: Coupe, Sheena et al (eds.): AUSTRALIANS. THE GUIDE AND INDEX. Illust., pp. xxviii, 83; Mulvaney, D.J. and White, J. Peter (eds.): AUSTRALIANS TO 1788. Illust., maps, tables, folding panorama, pp. xvi, 476. Aboriginal Australia; Atkinson, Alan and Aveling, Marion (eds.): AUSTRALIANS 1838. Illust., maps, folding panorama, pp. xviii, 474. Early settlement; Davison, Graeme et al (eds.): AUSTRALIANS 1888. Illust, maps, folding panorama, pp. xviii, 474; Gammage, Bill and Spearritt, Peter (eds.): AUSTRALIANS 1938. Illust, maps, folding illust., pp. viii, 474; Curthoys, Ann et al (eds.): AUSTRALIANS FROM 1939. Illust., maps, tables, folding illust., pp. xviii, 474. The war years and Australia's gradual transition to modernity; Aplin, Graeme et al (eds.): AUSTRALIANS. EVENTS AND PLACES. Illust, maps, folding Aboriginal Australia time line, pp. xv, 476. Chronology and gazetteer; Aplin, Graeme at al (eds.): AUSTRALIANS. A HISTORICAL DICTIONARY. Illust., maps, tables, folding plate, pp. xx, 462; Borchardt, D.H. (ed.): AUSTRALIANS. A GUIDE TO SOURCES. Illust, folding plate, pp. xviii, 473; Vamplew, Wray (ed.): AUSTRALIANS. HISTORICAL STATISTICS. Graphs, tables, charts, folding plate, pp. xvii, 470; Camm, J.C.R. and McQuilton, John (eds.): AUSTRALIANS. A HISTORICAL ATLAS. Illust., maps, graphs, tables, pp. xiii, 290. Prominent scholars and historians in their specialist fields were commissioned by the publishers to produce this set in commemoration of the 1988 Bicentenary of European settlement. A massive and profusely illustrated work, a must for any collector of Australian history. All volumes of much Aboriginal interest.

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